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Larry Azlin

Summary of qualifications
Hardware: IBM PC & compatibles, HP-3000, Univac V-77, Data General Nova & Eclipse
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000, MacOS
Languages: C++, JaveScript, ASP, HTML, ColdFusion, Modula-2, Smalltalk, AWK, C, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, x86 Assembler
Technologies: MFC, ADO, RDS, SQL, XML, DHTML, ODBC, OOD, COM, MSMQ, ActiveX, ATL, Objective Toolkit, LeadTools, VFW

1975            Virginia Polytechnic Institute      Blacksburg, VA
MS - Electrical Engineering
1974            Virginia Polytechnic Institute      Blacksburg, VA
BS - Electrical Engineering

Professional experience
Jun. 01 - present           Alpha Innotech      San Leandro, CA.
Senior Software Engineer
Maintainence & enhancement of digital imaging software for biotech research.
Nov. 97 - Jan. 01           iPIX (formerly PictureWorks)      San Ramon, CA.
Enhanced and integrated C++/MFC image browsing application originally developed for Intel into MediaCenter application suite. This was a major rewrite to factor out code for reuse in other components, integrate with Objective Toolkit, and become an automation server. Adapted public-domain GIF support, as well as Intel and Pegasus JPEG libraries for our COM-based image support library. Modified PictureWorks Live to support video cameras from 3Com, Intel and Samsung. Developed ASP/Javascript server application to email newsletters to registered users. Automated submission of auction forms to eBAY and Yahoo as part of the Show&Sell wizard, using IE 4.0 control as the UI host. Wrote server code to process orders taken through the Yahoo store. Designed and implemented a workflow application for markup of user photos submitted to the Makeover Studio web site, using C++, MSMQ, ADO and RDS. Tech lead on a project for ADP to reuse our image browsing technology as an ActiveX control embedded in their product. Developed web-based version of Netcard using Javascript/ASP on NT4 and Win2K. This allows partners to customized the look of the product through a combination of XML and enhanced HTML. Built ATL control for server-side caching of HTML templates. [Independent Contractor]
Jan. 96 - Oct. 97            PictureWorks Technology, Inc.    Danville, CA.
Senior Software Engineer
Provided the video editing user interface (based on VFW) for PictureWorks Live, a image capture and manipulation application (based on MFC) bundled with the Kodak DVC-300 video camera. Completed the image editing functions for this application, using LeadTools 6.0 and 7.0 libraries. Technical lead for the next-generation version of this application until the camera was cancelled by Kodak. Built an OCX to provide generic video camera interface to PictureWorks Live through Video For Windows. Technical lead for an image browsing application built for Intel, including drag-n-drop integration with Explorer and thumbnail generation in a background thread.
May 95 - Jan. 96            FSC                                        San Rafael, CA.
Conversion of a DOS insurance rating system to Window 95, using Visual C++ 4.0 and MFC 4.0. Most of my work has been in the design and development of user-interface components, and as a participant in the overall design of the system. My portion of the system makes extensive use of property sheets, both as dialogs and as controls in modeless views. I also converted the calls into the Modula-2 "engine" to allow them to run in a separate thread, initiated the use of C++ exceptions for error handling, and designed a class for converting standard FAR PASCAL callbacks into calls to non-static member functions. I instituted the use of SourceSafe for version control on the Windows project, and instructed and assisted the DOS engineers in using it for their code.
Mar. 94 - May 95            Compaq Computer Corp.            San Mateo, CA.
Senior Software Engineer
Development of a personal productivity application to be bundled with Compaq hardware. This application features the integration of art with functionality, and is being developed in C++ using MFC on Windows NT 3.5. One of the principal design tenants of the application is that new art can be purchased after-market and installed by the user, without requiring any changes in the code.
Apr. 93 - Mar. 94            Bank of America                        Concord, CA.
Consulting Systems Engineer
Technical Lead on a project to develop a Wholesale Customer Workstation environment under Windows, and to provide a wire transfer and foreign exchange application on that environment. This was the Bank's first major development effort under Windows. Analyzed the requirements and was primary technical interface with the business partners; designed the general architecture of the environment, and the functionality, visual components, and object structure of the wire transfer application. Selected the development system (Visual C++), and defined requirements for communication, database and report writer packages. Built a prototype which was Bank of America's featured product at the annual Treasury Management Association conference in November 1993. Interviewed contractors for this project, and direct their work. Manage the schedule for the wire transfer application.
Oct. 90 - Apr. 93            Symantec Corp.                        Novato, CA
Senior Software Engineer, User Interface
Wrote the specification for the Gantt view of a proposed conversion of Time Line to run under Windows, and prototyped major parts of this view in Smalltalk. When this project was canceled, I rejoined the team working on Time Line 5.0 for DOS (received a Symantec "Star" award for my work on this project). Supported an outside contractor in conversion of Time Line to Japanese. Participated in 3 month "Swat Team" effort to fix user interface bugs in the Bedrock class library (a C++ replacement for MacApp which also runs on Windows). Responsible for architecture and coding of the graphics portions of the Gantt view in current project to put Time Line 5.0 features on Windows, as well as the Histogram/Costs view and some underlying recalc functionality. This work is being done in Zortech C++.
Mar. 90 - Sep. 90            Symantec Corp.                        Novato, CA
Acting Director of Engineering
Assumed these duties, in addition to my permanent responsibilities, after prolonged vacancy of the position. Handled purchases, budgets, reviews and raises, personnel issues, office organization. Represented Engineering and QA departments at staff meetings with General Manager. Interviewed all candidates for jobs in these departments, including selection of a permanent Director of Engineering. Technical representative of Time Line at Symantec's International Partners Conference, where I demonstrated features requested by European customers. Participated in feature selection for the next DOS version of Time Line (5.0), and for a new low-end project planner to be delivered under Windows (On Target 1.0). As team leader for the Windows and PM versions of Time Line, I proposed and justified prototyping in Smalltalk before implementation in Modula-2. Assisted Marketing department in evaluating Microsoft Project for Windows 1.0, pointing out areas of weakness and suggesting approaches to selling Time Line against them.
Feb. 87 - Feb. 90            Symantec Corp. (Breakthrough Software)
Manager, Software Development
Supervised a team of engineers which grew from two to seven, assigning work and evaluating performance, training and outlining the approach to be taken on most user interface features. Designed and implemented object-oriented interface features in Modula-2. Wrote the specification for Time Line 3.0, managed the estimation of cost and the schedule for it. Coordinated the work of outside contractors, taught them the internals of Time Line, reviewed their code and integrated it into the product. Assured that documenters were kept current with feature changes, and reviewed the final document for technical accuracy. Evaluated and prioritized bugs reported by QA department, deciding what to fix and which engineer to assign to it. Implemented features in Time Line 4.0, including parts of mouse support. Updated the translation instructions used by foreign partners to localize Time Line, and acted as translation coordinator, answering questions, fixing bugs and compiling localized files. Optimized critical functions in x86 assembler.
1975 - 1987
Wide variety of programming jobs on PC's and minicomputers. Details upon request. One of these jobs involved the design of an automated system for tracking all phases of pharmaceutical manufacture, for Astra Pharmaceutical.
Professional Training
Presentation Manager Programming Environment course from Microsoft University
Presentation Manger Applications Programming course from Microsoft University
Windows Programming Environment course from Microsoft University
Windows Applications Programming course from Microsoft University
Object-Oriented Programming in C++ course from UC Berkeley Extension
Advanced C++ & Class Libraries course from UC Berkeley Extension
Smalltalk V/PM course from Digitalk
Object-Oriented Programming course by Bertrand Meyer (Eiffel)
C++ & SQL internal Bank of America classes
U.S. citizen
Professional references upon request.